Charity Work

Fine Finish Inc. and Sanford Custom Builders, Inc. Fundraising Event

hosted by DINING BY DESIGN at Boston’s Black Falcon Cruise Terminal.

This event brings together established talent, budding artists, and celebrated individuals to create three-dimensional dining installations that awe, inspire, and delight. Each team is given an 11’x11′ or an 11’x21′ footprint within the terminal, along with 2 days to create, assemble and dress there tables for the opening gala of the event held on Friday evening. We appreciate Fine Finish Inc. joining us in donating time, effort and material to produce a stunning “dining room” for the gala. All proceeds from the event benefit DIFFA: Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS, which is one of the country’s largest supporters of direct care for people living with HIV/AIDS and preventive education for those at risk.


Fine Finish Inc. joins Kenneth Vona Inc. in Rebuilding Homes

October 2007

In October 2007 Fine Finish joined Kenneth Vona Inc. in their effort to rebuild houses in Waveland, Mississippi , a coastal community devastated by a 40ft. tidal wave during Hurricane Katrina. The project, Mission to Mississippi, was to rebuild 8 houses and lasted 14 weeks. As their contribution to the cause, Fine Finish milled and donated all interior trim for all of the 8 houses. The project was very successful and continues to raise awareness to the devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.